PMP 075 Compact Triplex Pump Unit

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Model Number: PMP 075

Our Compact Pump offers a lightweight, compact high pressure clean fluid pumping solution for operations where size and weight restriction means that conventional well services solutions are not possible such as when standalone high pressure pumping is required and site access is restricted by either space limitations or weight limits

Mounted in a DNV 2.7-1 certified and fully enclosed skid frame, the unit is driven by a “standard” Zone II hazardous area certified slick line power pack typically rated for 80hp. The triplex pump is controlled using a hydraulic over hydraulic control system and can be configured to provide flow rates up to 1.0 bpm and pressures up to 10,000psi depending on fluid end configuration and power pack in use.

Designed as a true compact unit with simple operating systems, the PMP 075 requires no onsite assembly beyond the connection of hydraulic hose saving valuable rig up time and reducing crew requirements.

Weight: WLL 1.3 MT. (The associated compact power packs have typical transport weights of 1.5T)

Dimensions: L x W x H = 1450 x 1450 x 1600mm

Compact Triplex Pump Unit Indicative Performance


  • Containerized design with rigid skid and full opening access doors.
  • DNV 2.7-1 certified skid frame with sealed base and supplied with certified slings and fitted with forklift pockets.
  • The pump systems are controlled and monitored from a local panel mounted externally on the pump unit.
  • The high pressure triplex pump, rated for 120KW, is driven by an hydraulic motor direct coupled to the input pinion shaft.
  • The triplex pump is protected by both over pressure systems within the hydraulic control system, operator adjustable discharge over pressure shut down and pressure relief valves on the discharge pipe work.
  • The pumps working range (pressure and flow rate) can be adjusted beyond the control system range by simple piston change out in the field.
  • The PMP 075E can be supplied as standard with 45mm, 40mm and 20mm fluid end kits. Other fluid ends are available to extend the pressure and pump rate range.
  • All discharge pipe work is rated to 10,000psi
  • The unit includes an hydraulically driven centrifugal charge pump.
  • The pump has minimal pipework and associated manifolding to reduce unit weight.
  • Suction and discharge lines are terminated at a common stainless steel engraved bulkhead with industry standard fittings:
  • Suction 1 ¼” Camlock (Male)
  • Discharge 2” Fig 1502 (Female
  • Typical Performance: