HPU 160 160HP Hydraulic Power Pack

Hpu 160 160hp hydraulic power pack 01 750w
HPU 160

Model Number: HPU 160

The HPU 160 is designed as a compact high pressure hydraulic power solution for use in Safe Area environments. The unit is an ideal support package for multiple hydraulic devices including winches, mixers and pumps etc. The unit is configured (as standard) with a high pressure open loop hydraulic pump with a load sensing control system.

Mounted in an enclosed DNV 2.7-1 certified frame and supplied with slings and forklift pockets, the unit is driven by an electronically controlled diesel engine rated for a peak power of 160HP / 117.5KW.

The unit is designed to offer the smallest footprint and lowest transport weight in class with robust reliable design and simple user friendly operation.

Weight: MGM 3.8MT, Transport Weight 3.00MT* (estimated)

Dimensions: 2438x1250x1700 (LxWxH)

General Specifications:

  • Containerized design with rigid skid and full opening access doors on both sides and rear for access to electrical panel. Louvers are installed to provide required airflow and allow the unit to be operated with the access doors closed.
  • DNV 2.7-1 certified skid frame with sealed base with drains and supplied with certified slings and fitted with forklift pockets.
  • M12 Earth bosses are installed to the skid adjacent to the outlets and internally.
  • Prime Mover:
    • JCB 444 TCAE diesel engine rated at 160HP / 120KW. The engine is fitted as standard with a 24v electric starter and alternator.
    • Kensho Electronic Control Panel in Stainless Steel enclosure.
    • Local and Remote Emergency Stop Controls
    • 32gal / 125lt 8hr stainless steel fuel tank with level gauge.
  • Hydraulic Systems:
    • A 145cc Rexroth AV11 style variable displacement pump is directly mounted to the engine and controlled with a load sensing package to provide flows up to 75gpm/ 320lpm.
    • Configurable (as standard) to supply hydraulic pressure up to 5000 / 340 bar
    • Full flow return filters and electrically driven air blast oil cooler are fitted to maintain oil condition.
    • Continuous low pressure oil circulation through cooler and filter to maintain optimum oil condition.
    • Hydraulic Systems connected with stainless or other corrosion resistant fittings and terminated at bulkhead with industry standard quick connects
    • 60gal / 300lt hydraulic tank with breather and sight glass.