GEN 060 60KVA Hazardous Area Generator

Gen 60 2

Model Number: GEN 060

Manufacturer: PH Design & Engineering PTE LTD

60KVa Hazardous Area Generator: The GEN 060 is designed as a compact power solution for use in Zone II hazardous environments. The unit is an ideal support package for all offshore well service and maintenance operations, capable of directly supplying both 3phase and single phase in either 50hz or 60hz* without additional transformers or junction boxes. The unit is configured as standard as a stand-alone “black start” package with a spring starter for use in areas with no other power or compressed air available. The unit also includes an air compressor to meet instrument and other low volume level air demands.

Mounted in an enclosed DNV 2.7-1 certified frame and supplied with slings and forklift pockets, the unit is driven by a hazardous area certified diesel engine rated for a peak power of 95KW to give an electrical rating of 60KVa.

The unit is designed to offer the smallest footprint and lowest transport weight in class with robust reliable design and simple user friendly operation.

Weight: MGM 3.0MT, Transport Weight 2.5MT

Dimensions: 2100x1250x1900 (LxWxH)

General Specifications:

Containerized design with rigid skid and full opening access doors on both sides and rear for access to electrical panel. Louvers are installed to provide required airflow and allow the unit to be operated with the access doors closed.

DNV 2.7-1 certified skid frame with sealed base and supplied with certified slings and fitted with forklift pockets.

60KVa Leroy Somer / Gali:

  • Typical Voltage Set up: 415v 3Phase & 230v single Phase 50Hz
  • Frequency : 50Hz or 60hz*
  • Rating : 60kVA 0.8 PF
  • Temperature rise : 80°C R/R, Continuous rated
  • 40°C Ambient
  • Shunt Excitation Voltage regulator

Electrical Panel rated Atex Zone 1 EX d IIB+H2, T5 100C, IP66 complete with:

  • Individual phase indicator lamps
  • Ammeter with system / Line selector
  • Voltmeter with system / Line selector
  • Output Frequency Meter
  • 80A main three phase power supply breaker
  • 63A Three Phase power supply breaker
  • 16A Single Phase power supply breaker
  • Electrical Connections:
    • 1P 16amp plug and socket
    • 3P 63amp Plug and socket
    • 3P Junction Box with Breaker (M40 Gland Not supplied) required for full 80amp demand

JCB diesel engine certified to Zone II (Class 1 Div 2 BCD T3) and rated at 125HP / 93KW (Peak). The engine is fitted as standard with an ATEX rated electrical starter and battery with options on spring or air starters. Automatic emergency shut down systems include:

  • Engine Over speed
  • High Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • High Coolant Water Temperature
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • Manual activation at engine or unit exterior

35gal / 8hr stainless steel fuel tank with level gauge.

The units are optionally fitted with GPS and Satellite based remote engine monitoring system.